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KS1 & KS2 only

Primary Science: Food Chain Clear presentation and lots of room for classroom discussion. Provided by Ecokids online (http://ecokids.earthday.ca/pub/eco_info/topics/frogs/chain_reaction/assets/flash/chain_reaction.swf)

KS1 to KS4+

Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic - Interactive revision exercises for Chemistry - from KS3 to A Level (http://www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk/)

Bath time with Archimedes - A useful simulation to help learners relate a dynamic physical situation with its graphical representation (http://www.mathsonline.co.uk/nonmembers/gamesroom/sims/archi/data.html)

Create a graph - Useful online graph creation tool (http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/graphing/)

Physics Java Applets - an extensive collection of applets covering light, waves, mechanics, electricity, magnetism and electronics (http://www.ngsir.netfirms.com/)

General Physics Java Applets - Some very effective physics animations on this site - but beware the annoying pop-up advertising! (http://surendranath.tripod.com/Applets.html)

Science, Optics & You - Lots of interactice optics with lenses etc. on this microspopy site (http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/)

www.ks3bradford.co.uk/science.htm Some excellent resources and web links supporting KS3 Science very usefully organised by the relevant units in the scheme of work. Click on the links at the top of the page (Year 7, Year 8 etc.) to get to the resources - Y9 awaits completion as of Nov 23rd 04. Level descriptors in pupil speak and 'identifying your learning style' materials can be found via the 'Assessment' link. Thanks to Mrs Managh (Haywood Science Dept) for finding this site and a number of the others on this page (http://www.ks3bradford.co.uk/science.htm).

www.s-cool.co.uk This is a site dedicated to students - with lots of learning and revision materials for many KS4 GCSE subjects as well as A and AS level GCE - note that this site is not the similarly named skool.co.uk from Intel which is listed separately below. (http://www.s-cool.co.uk/default.asp)

www.ase.org.uk Association for Science Education web site - a wealth of resources and links for Science - look at Science UPD8 on the 'Resources' menu tab for a free service that lets you bring out the science behind the headlines while it's fresh in students' minds including sign up for email alerts about curriculum-relevant activities and news.

Birmingham Grid for Learning - chose 'whiteboards' from the selection box (top right of the page) - some good whiteboard resources for science (http://www.bgfl.org)

http://puzzling.caret.cam.ac.uk/  University of Cambridge's Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies' (CARET for short) Brainteasers and Puzzles website - some of these resources are physics related.

www.sciencevideonetwork.org Motivate your pupils with choice video clips and programmes

Physics applets Conceptual interactive animations

GCSE waves Supporting web links

www.sciencepages.co.uk Interactive quizzes, crosswords, a couple of web-based research exercises and worksheets etc from the on-line home of the Science Department at Nether Stowe School in Lichfield.

Great Barr School in Birmingham Some very useful resources and weblinks from the Science section of the school website (http://web.greatbarr.bham.sch.uk/science/science.htm).

www.echalk.co.uk Free resources for teachers to use with interactive whiteboards and data projectors (http://www.echalk.co.uk)

www.teacherpowerpoints.com A huge selection of powerpoint presentations submitted by teachers which you can use and adapt for your own purposes (http://www.teacherpowerpoints.com)

www.educationusingpowerpoint.org.uk This site aims to make high quality PowerPoint slideshows, presentations and other resources available for the teaching of physics, chemistry and biology. It also contains animations and other resources. The entire GCSE double science (AQA, OCR and EdExcel) and Key Stage 3 courses (arranged according to the QCA scheme of work) have been covered (http://www.educationusingpowerpoint.org.uk/).

www.skoool.co.uk Extensive resources on this site for Science and Maths from Intel - have a look at the online multimedea lessons (http://www.skoool.co.uk)

Jim Baker's Online Learning Many useful Science links (http://www.jimbakersonlinelearning.co.uk).

The National Grid for Learning Cymru website Some useful Science links (http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/1-0-0-0_good_practice/1-2-0-0_teacher_resources/1-2-2-0_research_web_sites/1-2-2-28_science.htm)



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